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Special Training for Sportsmen

According to your need
  • The training units will be adapted to your requirements and needs. The exercise will be scheduled to fit the sport you pursue and to your age.
  • In younger players, we concentrate especially on compensating the unilateral body loading effects, strengthening the body centre and, in general, making the locomotor system stronger. The training lessons include coordination and balance exercises. We will work with you to strengthen, relax and stretch your entire body, while taking your age into account, naturally. You will also have the possibility to use the services of our physiotherapist.
  • With older players, we concentrate on strengthening muscles in general, condition improvement, and focus on the areas of concern to the needs of the individual players.
  • With us, you can undergo not only long-term and systematic preparation for the season but also continuous training during it.
  • One-on-one lessons can be agreed as an option to suit your needs.