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Hockey tournaments

TCC Team

TCC Team is our new project.
We will follow the announced youth tournaments within a reasonable driving distance from Pilsen. We will offer you these dates via whatsApp group.

Because players need opportunities to grow - not only through training, but also through sharp matches, our goal is to provide them with these opportunities. We believe that through participation in tournaments they will not only improve their playing skills, but also gain valuable experience that will prepare them for future challenges in their playing career. We will not be making any performance selections - everyone entered/nominated will play.

The advantage of this TCC team is also that the coaches will see the play in person during games and can then better prepare the activities, drills and exercises in the TCC individual training sessions.

Tournaments include coaching, provision of jerseys and entry fees.

If you are interested in participating in tournaments for the TCC team, please sign up using the form here (include the "TCC TEAM", the player's year of birth and your club).
Submitting a completed form does not commit you to anything - your expressed interest will be used to create a database of interested players.