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(Re)Starting the option of ON-ICE individual trainings!

(Re)Starting the option of ON-ICE individual trainings! ⛸⛸
By Monday 27th of April 2020, we offer you the option of individual on-ice trainings at Ice Arena ice rink in Pilsen.

Options: Full ice, Half ice

When?: Monday-Sunday from 7:00 to 22:00

Reservations: 776 736 828 or ceperko@tcc-sportovnisluzby.cz

Only direct participants can enter without their accompaniment (e. g. parents). There will not be access to locker rooms or other ice rink services. Dressing up, respectively putting on the skates will be possible only on the benches. Players on the ice don't have to wear a mouth and nose protectors.

After the lesson, everyone needs to immediately exit the ice rink.

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