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We are first on the Czech market.

We are first on the Czech market.

As the initial private ice hockey academy on the Czech republic market, we established a partnership with the video platform inStat, which provides complex statistics of players from all over the world. No other platform offers more information than inStat. They work with NHL teams, world-wide coaches, or scouts, among others.

In addition to overall detailed team statistics, they also produce an individual player or goaltender report that includes videos of all influential game situations. We will start to use this service for training with our two top-class players - David Sklenička (Jokerit, FIN) and David Němeček( Sparta Prague, CZ). We also know that count of players using this service will grow. With quality data, detailed and precise statistics comes even more efficient techniques and growth of our players. InStat will help us to set the right methods.

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